About Us

vIVe Hydration Therapy is a modern wellness spa offering hydration, medication & vitamins administered directly into the bloodstream. This allows for 100% absorption to restore energy & provide relief from dehydration for health and wellness. The therapies provided at IVs in the Keys are time-tested and proven in the hospital and emergency room are now made easily accessible and more affordable by fully accredited, licensed, and experienced medical staff.

vIVe Hydration Therapy is not an emergency medical facility. If you are having severe medical issues please call your physician or if it’s an emergency call 911.

Please note we are very selective with regards to what specific symptoms and conditions are appropriate for treatment, and certain other health conditions you may possess could disqualify you from receiving treatment. We will not provide therapy to clients who are intoxicated.


We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash. We also accept HSA payments. We do not accept checks as a form of payment at this time.

Concierge Service Available – Additional fees may apply